Sonntag, 21. Januar 2018

Water Crayons

New Material

Maria gave me some supplies she wasn’t using, so I tried them. One was a set of water soluble crayons. 

They were OK, and might be useful for some sorts of projects, but I  think I prefer straight watercolors.
I have some requests in progress or in thought, and some will be water media.

Samstag, 20. Januar 2018


It's January, time for rest and quiet. I've learned to appreciate this dark winter month and utilize the slower days for projects that I don't have time for during busier seasons. These last two weeks I have also been slowed considerably by back problems. The projects I have done are what can be accomplished with little movement.

After my last quilt guild meeting I brought home two "comfort" (charity) quilts that needed binding to be completely finished. They were both pieced and machine quilted by other guild members. I enjoy the soothing hand work of attaching binding which requires no agonizing over designs and piecing techniques.

This little quilt is a log cabin pattern and is made with lovely flannel fabrics. It is just the right size for a lap quilt for someone in a wheel chair and will probably be donated to an elderly care center.
I have one more edge to complete which will take about an hour to do.

This one is a twin sized bed quilt. I sewed the pink binding onto it. It is such a simple, straight-forward pattern but the beautiful batik fabrics in the bright colors (a combination I would have never thought to use!) make it so unique and fun. Why don't I think of things like this?

The machine quilting is very pretty in turquoise colored thread. I'm wondering if the design was pre-programed in the machine because it is so perfectly executed.

The best project this week was a painting! I had the urge to do something completely different from the still lifes I was laboring over. I started this painting Monday evening using a Youtube video lesson from a Hispanic artist with an amusing way of speaking. Between his accent and his use of the word "guys" at the end of every statement, I chuckled many times. ("a little blue and a little yellow, here, guys." "just follow what I'm doing, guys" "okay, guys?" Imagine it with a spanish accent )

I worked on this every evening for two or three hours and finished by Thursday! I had a lot of fun working with the dramatic lighting. I repainted the right corner foreground numerous times until I finally had flowers that looked realistic, making them my own way and not like the teacher in the video did. I feel I also overworked the grassy path. There are things that need improvement for the next time but I learned a lot and really enjoyed the process.

Freitag, 19. Januar 2018

Scraps and Leftovers

Table Clearing

After Advent polymer projects, I had bits of many colors of polymer clay sitting on my work table. So I have been taking some minutes to use them.

These are for slices, to be assembled into patterns, later.

One tiny little ball of this color became this little guy with green eyes.
From this..... this. So far.

But now I need to wait for other stuff, so the clearing will have to wait too. (That spool is just a holder, not part of the little figure.) 

Donnerstag, 18. Januar 2018

Colors and Sculptures


Just colouring
and There - Amsterdam
Wood carving, small, but not miniature


Annunciation, wood



wood, small

very large, fired ceramic

long, narrow painting, right side

left side

glazed pot

small bronze

life size carved rock - marvelous   

Mittwoch, 17. Januar 2018


Polymer Colors

For an in-progress project, I made some polymer beads in marbled colors. I love marbling patterns.

Roll strips

Twist the strips together

Roll the twist around

Repeat to get finer texture

Roll into a smooth ball

Make more, from this -

- to this

in various sizes

Make holes

Make a "log" and cut slices

for disc beads. Then bake and use (sometime).

Dienstag, 16. Januar 2018

Hello Again

My Mama Has Spoken

So I asked her to send me her art work. And she did.
I find it very refreshing to know that she, or anyone, has picked up a long-neglected interest and used it for refreshment of the mind and soul.

A long-time interest, long set aside

Now in progress....

Trying to decide what medium to use: wax crayons, or coloured pencils, or..? I suggested using everything. I do; in the same work.

Actually I did some colouring too, recently. More on which another time. I don't know how often or how long I will post, but for now.........

Fish and onion fritters, Anyone? Look at those reflections. They would want to be painted.

Freitag, 12. Januar 2018

Wintery Projects

A lettering challenge prompt on Instagram was "artsy new year's resolution", so here is mine:

I don't know that I actually can... but I want to do more art, or just more bits of practice here and there.

These are some bookmarks I made from Gelli prints to go with Christmas gifts. 

In November I made these pillows as gifts:

The two larger pillows were for a wedding shower, the smaller ended up being a Christmas gift to a friend.  I stenciled and lettered with acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium onto some solid canvas material I had around, then sewing it into pillows.

And so sorry for the grainy photos, but these are some box cushion floor pillows I just finished for our living room.  I want to make floor-sitting more appealing to us all, and these help a lot.

I used thrifted, remnant, and repurposed material that I had around AND I got to learn a new skill-- tufting!!  That took some doing, but really makes the pillows firmer and keeps the stuffing from migrating.

And for the sake of reality, here is the world's ugliest sourdough bread I baked this  morning.  The jalapeno cheese bread was supposed to be a gift, but... I guess not.  Gah.  You win some, you loose some.