Dienstag, 15. August 2017

Bits of Things

Bits of reading, both hardcover and audiobook.
Bits of doodlings.
Bits of Bullet Journaling and planning things.
Bits of -- no, LOTS of work. Haha. (But it's my last week, so I'm kind of freaking out because I don't handle change very well and I've practically lived with these people my co-workers for almost five years, so yeah...)
Bits of hope and courage.
Bits of life, which lasts bits of time on this earth, but is so full of bits of loss and gain, bits of leaving and coming, bits of family and strangers, bits of sad and happy, and bits of ugliness and beauty.
(I am LOVING the wildflowers this year.)

Samstag, 12. August 2017

Where We Were

The Big Guys

No likenesses here, but drawing something helps one to see and remember the experience.

Freitag, 11. August 2017

Quick Demonstration

Watercolors Together

In a short visit to see Amber, I pulled out my watercolors and we practiced 
 a couple techniques. We are looking forward t seeing more.

Mittwoch, 9. August 2017

Yellowstone Visit

On the Way

We stopped at Yellowstone on our way to Colorado. This is probably not new to most of you, but was new to us.

Dienstag, 8. August 2017

Headband and Bows

Last week I did a little bit of hand-sewing projects.

There was this checkered shirt with three-quarter sleeves that no one wore anymore, and my sister said she'd use it if it had no sleeves and a matching headband. I had taken care of the sleeves last month already, I just hadn't gotten around to the headband part. So that's what I started on.

I took the material leftover from the sleeves and cut a few pieces to work with.
(I've got the measurements I used, but it was such a sloppy project that I didn't think I should bother adding them here, haha)

I borrowed one of my younger sister's ruler -- don't be jealous

Sewed the tube for the elastic and turned it inside out.

Folded the edges of the main piece and sewed them, accordion-folded and sewed the ends, then added the elastic to each end.

Sewed the tube shut over the ends.

The piece of material over the elastic wasn't long enough for it to stretch fully, so I cut through the middle, folded the edges inside and sewed it shut.


my sister -- not the owner of the ruler I used


Had some material left over yet, so I tried out some bow-making.

(Again, I have the measurements, but am not sharing them.)

Made a tube, folded the ends into the middle, scrunched and fastened.

Put the middle piece on.

Alligator clip/barrette.

Then I made two other bows out of some different scraps, just because it was fun.

I gave the bow that matches the headband also to my sister, for her baby to wear.

Happy creating!