Donnerstag, 22. Februar 2018

More February Flowers

Well, I have not exactly been "keeping up" with the Instagram flower challenges, but I've done a few.  

The above is some loose play with my fabulous triangle brush.

We spend the mornings on school work...

...and I am pecking away and spring-cleaning, a little every day (more in anticipation of spring, while the weather is actually snowy).

But some days in the afternoon I can make time for playing with my pens and paints. 

Nothing finished or special, but it's something.

It's a good way to enjoy flowers...

...until the real ones show up... months from now, probably.

Dienstag, 20. Februar 2018

New Semester

We've started a new semester at art school!

I'm taking a beginner acrylic painting class this semester. Here is the practice piece I did on canvas paper:

It was really fun doing the tree!

And I'm also (as well as my sister Leah) taking a more advanced figure drawing class.

2-minute life sketch to see where we were at already, before lessons

Gesture drawings - coils

The teacher is applying some of Bridgman's methods for quick gesture capturing

Lunar New Year was this past Friday, and it reminded me that I still haven't gotten that recap up for last year that I feel like I need to do. Haha. Soon. My new year's business usually starts in February and stretches into March anyway, so I'm not going to beat myself up about being late on life again. And I'm going to make the recap thing just to close up my post from last year's New Year, and not going to pull it into this one; so I hope to not have a recap to do next year. (Unless that kind of thing is fun?)

Happy Year of the Dog to everyone! XD

Montag, 19. Februar 2018

Swedish Hearts

Woven Paper

These are something that I ran across and wanted to try. So I made some for cards for Opa's  Birthday tomorrow. They are not entirely finished, but you get the idea.

From pattern to weaving. You cut out two of each design, in contrasting papers and weave them at right angles to make a heart shape.
For some of these I had a pattern, but no idea what the result would be until I put them together.

This doesn't have the eyes cut out yet, so doesn't quite look like an owl.

This and a few others I still want to try sometime.

Samstag, 17. Februar 2018

Watercolour 104

More Fog and Frost

Same ridge, different section. Somewhat larger paper for this work.

The full painting

Freitag, 16. Februar 2018