Mittwoch, 18. Oktober 2017


We had a death in the extended family, so posts are not a top priority right now.

Here are some further pictures of subsequent work n the last shown project, but it hasn't been touched for awhile.

Dienstag, 17. Oktober 2017

Figure Drawing & Mini Mad Hatter Top Hat, Part I

From Leah

Haven't gotten to take pictures of my other art homework yet. But here's what I'm working on in Figure Drawing class.

I wanted to do an original, but didn't have time to cook up something. This is more difficult [of a piece compared to what we drew last time we took the classes] because it's all bigger and more of a challenge. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

From Sarah

I don't know -- I almost feel like I should have made this into two posts or something -- it seems so disjointed...?

So --

I am making a miniature Mad Hatter hat out of cardboard and various odds and ends.

I googled a few different patterns and instructions, but I got bored of the research very quickly; therefore I decided to just wing it.

I do not know if that was a smart decision or not. Let's just pretend I'm mad... XD

ANYWAY -- THE EXPANDED TOUR of the impromptu project. (It's kind of like a random doodle, I guess, except with 3D-ness and different materials??? Idk, haha...)

To start with, I grabbed a nice piece of cardboard, my scissors, a ruler, a glass (to make circles with) ((and also to drink from--stay hydrated, hey)), and Elmer's School Glue.

I would say I measured the pieces, but I didn't feel like mathing so late at night and pretty much eyeballed the dimensions I thought I needed, using the ruler to keep things straight and centered.

I cut two circles (traced from the bottom of the glass) about 3" diameter, and one rectangular piece about 6.5" by 2.5".

In the long piece, I cut notches parallel to the short side, about halfway through. Then I rolled it so that the short sides overlapped each other by about 0.5", and glued them together. I used some mini binder clips to hold the structure in place while the glue set.

Then I worked on cutting the brim. I used the ruler to mark out about 0.5" around beyond the edge of one of the circles, then poked a hole in the center and cut outward toward the inside marks, to slice the middle section into eight pizza slices (oh, man, I'm hungry now lol). I turned the points upward so they could be attatched to the cylinder part of the hat later.

Then since my glue was pretty well set, I bent the notches on the cylinder inward by about 0.5" all the way around.

Then I discovered the circle for the flat top of the hat was a little too large, and trimmed it. I also cut another circle out like it. I placed the first circle of cardboard inside the hat and refolded the notches over it, then glued the second circle over the top of everything. I held the two circles together (not very easy, haha) until the glue set.

I have not figured out exactly how I'm going to attach the brim. Nor how I want to cover the hat -- if I want to try fabric, printed tape, paper...

So we'll see about that next time or something. :)

*not an affiliate of Elmer's School Glue -- just felt like being specific about the materials I was using

Samstag, 14. Oktober 2017

Little Bits of Art

Most days I feel like my creative brain has left me.  But sometimes new materials are sufficient inspiration to bring out a little art!  I got a check in the mail--nothing grand, but a bit-- from some items I had consigned at a local resale store.  I immediately turned around and put it into art supplies I had been hankering for-- a tube of paint and a couple brushes.  The most exciting part of this is the triangle brush  that I have been longing for!  It's also called a "wedge brush" and is gaining popularity lately for it's interesting strokes for loose flowers.  It has been so much fun to play with!  Once I got the hang of the right stroke (sort of a complicated combination of pulling, pressing and twisting), I was able to come up with some lovely little flowers.  

I plan to make up some note cards with some simple flowers and have them on hand for when I need to send a card, instead of scrambling to make a card right when I need it.

I also tried a few little koi fish with that brush.

And this last is a page in my mixed media journal.  There is a particular artist I follow on Instagram who does these really fantastical flowers and abstract shapes with ink and watercolor, so I followed her inspiration a little here.  This was lots of fun and maybe needs more layers, but for now I don't really know what.  I might try more later.  The photo highlights are a little blown-- the color is richer in reality.

Mittwoch, 11. Oktober 2017

Another "Candle"

In Progress 

This is supposed to end up as a GreenMan. These are the steps of development. After the first day's work, I saw the eyes were too low, so took them out and repositioned them. More to follow.

Creative Goings-on

Some homeschool friends of ours had been studying the Middle Ages and invited us to a medieval party they hosted.  It was a costume party, and probably the first time my kids have ever been to anything requiring costumes.  We spent a day in a frenzy of costume construction and as a result we had two honorable knights, Merlin (ah, a very young Merlin), a beautiful princess, and the court jester.  The party was great fun with food specific to the time (no forks!), archery, knife throwing, jousting, and general merriment.  

Right after that, I jumped into this project that had been awaiting my input--

My Mom and I planned this joint project as a 70th birthday gift for a special aunt in our family.  Mom did all the lovely painting, Dad made the rustic wood frame, and then they mailed it to me to add the lettering.  I had spacing problems, as usual (sigh), but it turned out pretty well.

I can't seem to find the photo of just the painting without the lettering, but here is a close-up of the lamp.

For "Card Making Day" on Saturday, my children made birthday cards for a friend.  (And I can't get the photos to be un-rotated no matter what I do!)  In the photo above, Andrew's is top, Evan's bottom.  I was struck by how carefully symmetrical Andrew made his.

 And I was amused when Evan drew a forklift on this inside of his.

Here is another case of photos annoying upside down and I cannot right them!  I wish Blogger would add an edit option for photos...  Anyway, these are two little mixed media pieces the boys did for the fair.  The background is a piece of canvas panel with tape resist paint, and then they glued corrugated cardboard and torn bits of crepe for trees.  

I, myself, have done very little art lately, but I do have a few little sketchbook things I can show in later post, as this one is getting long enough for today.  More later!

Dienstag, 10. Oktober 2017

One Haiku and a Throwback Zentangle

Moving - Haiku

'Tween work and homework
We pack and shuffle our stuff
Over the river

We have been beyond busy this week, so I'm just giving you a short poem I made (see haiku above), and a throwback picture of a digital "zentangle" doodle I did at least a year ago on my phone, when I was first getting interested in the stuff. It's a totally random drawing -- I have no idea what that big swirly tentacle-like thing is in the top left corner. Haha!

I seriously need to find a way to squeeze in some chill time. I feel like I'm just constantly go, go, going, and it's really wearing on me. I'm actually surprised I haven't gotten sick already (maybe I will now that I said something, haha!), but then sometimes I'm surprised by how much I can take above what I thought I could handle... Doesn't help if I push myself too hard and over-estimate my abilities, though. I'm only human; humans need to rest once in a while.

ACTUALLY, I just remembered I read a book. A whole book. I shirked my to-do list for a few hours several days ago, and just sat there with a mug of tea and a book; and I finished the whole book. It was quite relaxing. I felt like a proper old maid, laughing over the pages with a cat sleeping on the couch nearby, haha.

Maybe I should make a haiku about reading, too. Or maybe YOU would like to give it a try? :D