Donnerstag, 23. November 2017


For Home

I am thankful for a safe and noneventful flight home yesterday. I am thankful the home and inhabitants were all well when I returned. I am thankful many of us get to gather this evening for a celebration dinner and devotion. And I am thankful for help to get it made.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all of you.

For the Birthday I had in Tokyo

I went to High Tea. ‘‘Twas lovely. 

For  Good Memories of Japan 

It all was blessed.

Dienstag, 21. November 2017

Different Drawing and Illustration

Here's one of my drawings for the 201 class:

And here's the latest Illustration class project I did -- it was still on the conveying-emotion-in-a-normally-inanimate-object thing:

I seem to not have much to talk about a lot lately... You'd think with so many hobbies and creative interests that I'd always have SOMETHING going on, but alas, I guess not lol

I haven't even been keeping up on reading the blog -- I need to catch up sometime!

Montag, 20. November 2017

Happy Birthday

To Me

A little insert before our day’s post. (Thanks for letting me interrupt, Sarah Y)

On our arrival, this awaited me. 

Now we are off to see a handcrafts museum. Likely pictures will not be allowed, but maybe I can sketch.

Goodbye Kyoto

More from Yesterday

By this little place....

....was this old pump.

On this pretty shrine....

....was this bird.

Sunday strollers.

An enormous cemetery 



Maybe a Stop sign?

And Hello Tokyo, Again 

We rode the Bullet Train back. We had hoped to get photos of Mt Fuji, but it was overcast today. We had had a lovely view of the mountain on our way to Kyoto, but were on the wrong side of the train to get pictures then. The weather is getting decidedly more wintery now.

View over the Imperial Gardens

View from walking around the Gardens

Tokyo in Christmas sparkle 

Good night, Tokyo. But I don’t think this city sleeps.

I do, in anticipation of a special day tomorrow.

By the way, my I-Pad has changed all the blog heading words to Japanese, which I can’t read, in case you are wondering, so I can’t write any responses to comments. 

Samstag, 18. November 2017

Last Kyoto Excursion

Sunday Stroll

Our goal today was Kiyomizu - Dera Temple. It is surrounded by various vermillion pagodas and shrines. It is set on a hill side with immense nailess-wooden balconies for the hordes of tourists who flock there. The site has been a pilgrimage destination for over a thousand years. It has a sacred spring and an eleven - headed mercy goddess, and good views of the city.

It is against the rules here to have leaves accumulate on the ground, so the moss must be cleaned. Here is the noisy way with a blower, but we have seen old men with whisk brooms and dust pans doing the same work in parks. Let’s be neat and orderly, shall we?

The sacred Spring

The deities and Buddhas and guardians are often given red bibs. These are thanks or prayers for preservation from evil and disease. 

Some beautiful bouquets adorned a memorial stone.

The temple hill also has shop-lined roads leading to it, which induces much supporting of the local economy. Bobble heads anound.  Food shops usually have little taste samples of wares out, some of which - the safer looking ones, not the jellied cuttle fish and such - we tried. The foods tend to be bland, emphasizing texture more than taste. And textures are often mushy or gelatinous or deep fried. Bean paste is much used as a base for both sweets and savories. And you can find Matcha in almost every kind of food. Even though the day was quite chilly we went the safe route of ice cream. That too was a little odd being made out of some sort of soda pop.
Quite safe in texture and taste (if not in health) are the colorful hard candies.

I have some other photos from today to share, but will make a separate post for them. Tomorrow takes us back to Tokyo.

By Night

Out Late

Last night and this morning here it rained. Hard. That induces one to stay snuggled in the dry of one’s abode, doing laundry and writing and other fun stuff. But this afternoon the wet ran off, and we went out. 

Today’s outing was to, in, and around the Kyoto Station. That place is a city unto itself. It is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year, being quite new still, but it is huge and has everything in it. One of us, not ne, wanted some cables and found none, and a warm coat and found one. 

Looking up

And looking down

I found a couple of small pretties. We looked at the Christmas decorations - rather incongruous in an Asian country, but they like the sparkle and bright colors. 

We watched some young people playing in some sort of recital on an electric organ braodcast all over the huge station. Woe be unto thee if thou shouldst make a mistake that 300,000 people will hear. But they didn’t. Truly.

One of us thought about stopping for food. But we didn’t. There is so much of it though, with every dish displayed in full plastic color.

We saw a very large LEGO model of the station. Amazing workmanship.

We saw, as it was getting dark, another must-see temple complex, but were too late to get inside. This is said to be the largest wooden structure in the world. These are the gates thereto.

And this fellow was not a wit bothered by photo-taking humans invading his peaceful fishing in the moat.

City view by night with Kyoto Tower shining brightly.

And one more day of sightseeing here to go.