Samstag, 19. Mai 2018

In Appenzell, A Week Ago

Mother's Day Gift

This antique side table got a new finish and now looks beautiful.

When One Needs a Walk

And takes a new route, that goes far afield for a couple hours. But it was pretty.

ALL hills, everywhere.

Here we decided to take a new route.

On hillsides, washouts are frequent, so stabilising techniques are perfected here. This is a jute mesh, sown with seed, so the vegetation roots eventually hold the soil. 

Not just grass is planted. Little cut branches of willows are inserted at intervals., and willows being  what they are, they grow new shoots and make trees. Quickly. 

This is looking down on a slope with more growth in the mesh. That is a willow  in the front.

Always up...

And around

Your choice of bridges ....

Looking down a steep slope

Rest place along a trail. The water is drinkable for man and beast.

This was on the opposite side of the trail, an old water trough.

Home was back that way, across the big valley......

..... in there ......

Wanderwegs (hiking trails) go right through some peoples' farms. Follow the yellow signs.

Almost back.....

Hmmmm.... how about supper?

A Swiss platter supper with salad.

Freitag, 18. Mai 2018

May Flowers

Stairs and Blooms

Does planning measurements for barn stairs count as creative? The work does require some complicated drawing. Oh, well, maybe not artistic though.

More appealing are the May flowers after our April, and May, showers.

Peonies here are called Pentecost Roses. They are opening just in time for Pentecost this year.

My flowers do not quite compare to the some of the manor house gardens we saw in Ireland. This was a forest path of old camellias. Gorgeous.

Happy May!

Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2018

Finished Painting

Getting Closer

Done and Details

This canvas is 30 x 40 centimeters, which is about 12 by 22 inches.
It was done as a birthday gift for the sweetest mother-in-law, of a spot she immensely enjoyed on a trip last year. This is the Croatian national park, a glorious place.

Happily Received