Mittwoch, 18. Oktober 2017


We had a death in the extended family, so posts are not a top priority right now.

Here are some further pictures of subsequent work n the last shown project, but it hasn't been touched for awhile.

Dienstag, 17. Oktober 2017

Figure Drawing & Mini Mad Hatter Top Hat, Part I

From Leah

Haven't gotten to take pictures of my other art homework yet. But here's what I'm working on in Figure Drawing class.

I wanted to do an original, but didn't have time to cook up something. This is more difficult [of a piece compared to what we drew last time we took the classes] because it's all bigger and more of a challenge. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

From Sarah

I don't know -- I almost feel like I should have made this into two posts or something -- it seems so disjointed...?

So --

I am making a miniature Mad Hatter hat out of cardboard and various odds and ends.

I googled a few different patterns and instructions, but I got bored of the research very quickly; therefore I decided to just wing it.

I do not know if that was a smart decision or not. Let's just pretend I'm mad... XD

ANYWAY -- THE EXPANDED TOUR of the impromptu project. (It's kind of like a random doodle, I guess, except with 3D-ness and different materials??? Idk, haha...)

To start with, I grabbed a nice piece of cardboard, my scissors, a ruler, a glass (to make circles with) ((and also to drink from--stay hydrated, hey)), and Elmer's School Glue.

I would say I measured the pieces, but I didn't feel like mathing so late at night and pretty much eyeballed the dimensions I thought I needed, using the ruler to keep things straight and centered.

I cut two circles (traced from the bottom of the glass) about 3" diameter, and one rectangular piece about 6.5" by 2.5".

In the long piece, I cut notches parallel to the short side, about halfway through. Then I rolled it so that the short sides overlapped each other by about 0.5", and glued them together. I used some mini binder clips to hold the structure in place while the glue set.

Then I worked on cutting the brim. I used the ruler to mark out about 0.5" around beyond the edge of one of the circles, then poked a hole in the center and cut outward toward the inside marks, to slice the middle section into eight pizza slices (oh, man, I'm hungry now lol). I turned the points upward so they could be attatched to the cylinder part of the hat later.

Then since my glue was pretty well set, I bent the notches on the cylinder inward by about 0.5" all the way around.

Then I discovered the circle for the flat top of the hat was a little too large, and trimmed it. I also cut another circle out like it. I placed the first circle of cardboard inside the hat and refolded the notches over it, then glued the second circle over the top of everything. I held the two circles together (not very easy, haha) until the glue set.

I have not figured out exactly how I'm going to attach the brim. Nor how I want to cover the hat -- if I want to try fabric, printed tape, paper...

So we'll see about that next time or something. :)

*not an affiliate of Elmer's School Glue -- just felt like being specific about the materials I was using

Samstag, 14. Oktober 2017

Little Bits of Art

Most days I feel like my creative brain has left me.  But sometimes new materials are sufficient inspiration to bring out a little art!  I got a check in the mail--nothing grand, but a bit-- from some items I had consigned at a local resale store.  I immediately turned around and put it into art supplies I had been hankering for-- a tube of paint and a couple brushes.  The most exciting part of this is the triangle brush  that I have been longing for!  It's also called a "wedge brush" and is gaining popularity lately for it's interesting strokes for loose flowers.  It has been so much fun to play with!  Once I got the hang of the right stroke (sort of a complicated combination of pulling, pressing and twisting), I was able to come up with some lovely little flowers.  

I plan to make up some note cards with some simple flowers and have them on hand for when I need to send a card, instead of scrambling to make a card right when I need it.

I also tried a few little koi fish with that brush.

And this last is a page in my mixed media journal.  There is a particular artist I follow on Instagram who does these really fantastical flowers and abstract shapes with ink and watercolor, so I followed her inspiration a little here.  This was lots of fun and maybe needs more layers, but for now I don't really know what.  I might try more later.  The photo highlights are a little blown-- the color is richer in reality.

Mittwoch, 11. Oktober 2017

Another "Candle"

In Progress 

This is supposed to end up as a GreenMan. These are the steps of development. After the first day's work, I saw the eyes were too low, so took them out and repositioned them. More to follow.

Creative Goings-on

Some homeschool friends of ours had been studying the Middle Ages and invited us to a medieval party they hosted.  It was a costume party, and probably the first time my kids have ever been to anything requiring costumes.  We spent a day in a frenzy of costume construction and as a result we had two honorable knights, Merlin (ah, a very young Merlin), a beautiful princess, and the court jester.  The party was great fun with food specific to the time (no forks!), archery, knife throwing, jousting, and general merriment.  

Right after that, I jumped into this project that had been awaiting my input--

My Mom and I planned this joint project as a 70th birthday gift for a special aunt in our family.  Mom did all the lovely painting, Dad made the rustic wood frame, and then they mailed it to me to add the lettering.  I had spacing problems, as usual (sigh), but it turned out pretty well.

I can't seem to find the photo of just the painting without the lettering, but here is a close-up of the lamp.

For "Card Making Day" on Saturday, my children made birthday cards for a friend.  (And I can't get the photos to be un-rotated no matter what I do!)  In the photo above, Andrew's is top, Evan's bottom.  I was struck by how carefully symmetrical Andrew made his.

 And I was amused when Evan drew a forklift on this inside of his.

Here is another case of photos annoying upside down and I cannot right them!  I wish Blogger would add an edit option for photos...  Anyway, these are two little mixed media pieces the boys did for the fair.  The background is a piece of canvas panel with tape resist paint, and then they glued corrugated cardboard and torn bits of crepe for trees.  

I, myself, have done very little art lately, but I do have a few little sketchbook things I can show in later post, as this one is getting long enough for today.  More later!

Dienstag, 10. Oktober 2017

One Haiku and a Throwback Zentangle

Moving - Haiku

'Tween work and homework
We pack and shuffle our stuff
Over the river

We have been beyond busy this week, so I'm just giving you a short poem I made (see haiku above), and a throwback picture of a digital "zentangle" doodle I did at least a year ago on my phone, when I was first getting interested in the stuff. It's a totally random drawing -- I have no idea what that big swirly tentacle-like thing is in the top left corner. Haha!

I seriously need to find a way to squeeze in some chill time. I feel like I'm just constantly go, go, going, and it's really wearing on me. I'm actually surprised I haven't gotten sick already (maybe I will now that I said something, haha!), but then sometimes I'm surprised by how much I can take above what I thought I could handle... Doesn't help if I push myself too hard and over-estimate my abilities, though. I'm only human; humans need to rest once in a while.

ACTUALLY, I just remembered I read a book. A whole book. I shirked my to-do list for a few hours several days ago, and just sat there with a mug of tea and a book; and I finished the whole book. It was quite relaxing. I felt like a proper old maid, laughing over the pages with a cat sleeping on the couch nearby, haha.

Maybe I should make a haiku about reading, too. Or maybe YOU would like to give it a try? :D

Sonntag, 8. Oktober 2017

Samstag, 7. Oktober 2017

Make a Card, Send a Card


National Card Day. We went to the annual craft expo in Zurich today. Fun. Lots of inspiration. I got a new stamp, you see.

Mittwoch, 4. Oktober 2017


For Your Information

If anybody under 16 years old is interested, there is an international children's art contest every year sponsored by Pentel. Everybody gets at least a pen, and some get other Pentel products. It is worth checking out. Dead line for us was always end of October.

Also, I hear October 7 is International Card Making Day..... yes, really. Shall we all make a card? And send it to somebody.

No time for art today, but some thinking is happening.

Dienstag, 3. Oktober 2017

Pastels and Perspectives

From Leah

So here's what I'm working on in Pastel class at school. It's very fun and messy! I have oil pastels that I've never used, but these are chalk and I was told there's quite a difference in them for sure. I want to be able to at least get a feel for pastels in particular, before I try my oil pastels. This is pretty fun and going pretty well though! Much work to be done on it yet and I can't wait to see my finished work!

From Sarah

I thought I'd share some of my photography homework with you today.

Last week's assignment was Forced Perspective. Making people look at my photographs twice because they are not always what they seem, and setting up nonsense that could be realistic at first glance was fun and kind of Alice-in-Wonderland-vibey, which was relaxing and slightly unsettling at the same time. I should remember to try this style/technique for taking pictures more often, as it causes me to look at things a little differently than I am used to and is both challenging and refreshing.

When you are trying to make something look bigger than it actually is,it is hard to get the focus to balance between the far and the near objects, and the lighting gets a little tricky.

This one was my favorite. I'm going to call it the Reading Corner haha!

This week's assignment is Leading Lines. Lines are really not so hard to find for use in compositions -- it's just a matter of seeing at what angle or perspective I should place myself in relation to the subject/mood of the photograph. This type of photography is also pretty relaxing to me; with crisp or soft horizontals or verticals it is like tidying up, and with S-curves or diagnals it is like adding a cherry to the top of a piece. Again, I think my photography and way of looking at things could benefit by not forgetting to think about lines in setting up my shots.


I don't much like taking photos when there are people around, though, so I don't think I could ever do it professionally, unless it was like nature or product photography -- I wouldn't be able to do occasions or portraits, because I tend to get nervous and hurry up with my work when there are others watching me snap a picture, haha!

Montag, 2. Oktober 2017

Owl in Round

Color time

This is from Kat, to keep blood pressure low. It has been an on-going project for spare moments or stolen moments. It probably will get additional attention as time goes on.

Freitag, 29. September 2017

Purples and Frolics


Look what flew to my house this week. Thank you, Sarah Y.

Last of summer gladioli.


This has been keeping me busy this week. She is very well mannered, but does love to cavort when turn out.