Samstag, 31. Oktober 2015

Gelee and More

Hello Ladies.

After that Halloween-ish picture of the mushed fruit yesterday, the jelly did turn out to be good and golden red after all.. It took quite a while making three batches, but the taste was worth the effort. And all the caps sealed. Cheers. Then, after I finished the fourteen jars, I saw that there was another bag of fruit waiting to be done. Oh, well. Next week.
Seeing the finished jars, I thought of the gorgeous array of canning jars Ruth shared this summer, and how it didn't show the long hours of her labors standing over a hot stove in a Texas summer. But I praised her in the gates anyway. Making food is a good thing - and not toxic for our families, unlike other things we could mention.

As  to this site, I have found that some form of the name is much used, maybe over used, and that maybe it will be complicated to explain to everyone how to use this site to show your works. But, BUT, I am the most not-computer-literate person in the world, so if I can  learn it, anyone can. So I will see if we can make this work. If not, no great loss. What I hope to do soon is put up a practice pattern and ask you to see if it works to download and print it. Stefan says there is a way. If so, that is a major step in the right direction. Not tonight though. I still have to finish a birthday card, and Stefan gave me a new chapter of his manuscript to edit, and Church is early  tomorrow.

To conclude with autumn cheer, here are a couple of dangles I  made for the season, one for our Welcome sign at the front door, and others for a little metal tree I have on which to hang whatever bits I happen to make. These little faces are made with polymer clay in silicon molds, baked, then painted and wired with beads. Fairly simple, but a nice effect.

Blessed Reformation Day to all.

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  1. The Quittengelee is really good. I should have taken a bigger jar; mine is almost gone.