Sonntag, 11. Juni 2017

And More

Continued from Yesterday

One of the backgrounds got a focal piece. I did a pencil drawing for it. The work will likely get more done to it yet.

More form added to this background

Blessed Trinity Sunday.


  1. In the first one, did you draw on the gesso, or glue on paper with a drawing?

    Great to see all these, can't wait to see how they end up!

  2. On the first one, the class directions were to add a transfer of some sort, but I prefer to use my own art work, so I did a pencil drawing on pare and adhered it. I need some more supplies to make an embellishment for it.

    And the second one.... well, I worked on it some more, and am not satisfied with it, and got numbers of comments from the populace about how strange it looks, so I was going to "bury it," and skip posting for today - but since you mentioned it, see next post on "creepy baby."