Donnerstag, 15. Juni 2017

More Galaxies

I've been keeping up with the galaxy watercolor challenge.  The one above is a Shakespeare quote.

For the above, I combined challenges.  The prompt for the galaxy one was "red and yellow" and another was "sun", so I couldn't resist putting those together.  With some Victor Hugo, of course.

This poem always makes us laugh:

Scintillate, scintillate, globule vivific!
In vain do I ponder thy nature specific--
Precariously poised in the ether capacious,
Closely resembling a gem carbonaceous;
Scintillate, scintillate, globule vivific,
In vain do I ponder thy nature specific!

Pleeeeease tell me you get it...

The above prompt was "metallics" and I do not have a fancy metallic watercolor palette that is so popular right now (sooo expensive!), so I used some mica shimmer powders that I have.  It was hard to control, and was drying too fast, so I didn't get it blended quite right, but it was fun to play with.

And then, sometimes, there are good ideas (well, that's questionable) that go bad.

This one just kept getting worse.  It was my first try for the "metallic" prompt, and I did a blue galaxy, then tried to layer it with acrylics and make it into a mixed media piece.  I used some texture paste that I tried to write on when it dried... and it is just awful in so many ways.  Messy, sloppy, and poorly laid out.  Oh well-- win some, loose some.  Most mixed media artists would probably just say it needs more layers... lots more layers... like to cover it all up, I'm thinking.

And today's prompt was "circle" and I was trying to be creative, but... meh.  Not really the effect I was going for.  Not enough luminescence, too much "mud".  I really should not have used staining pigments for this, and should have worked wetter for more blending.  It's been really hot here and I'm noticing my watercolor dries super fast and it's been hard to get dark and blendy at the same time.

Evan was watching me this time and wanted to try his own.  It is fun to make art with the kids, even if a galaxy Venn diagram wasn't the best thing I ever came up with!


  1. Evan's is delightful: very nicely layered and light.
    I really like your first one of the post - of course: those colors, and the subtle stars.

    That poem is hilarious. New to me. Yes, I get it, and saw it is by the famous Mr. Anon. I also see it has been set to music. I must show this to someone....

    Regarding good ideas going awry, you can set it aside, use pieces of it in other works, continue layering, as you said, or rescue it. I think a wash over the written panel and the large stencilled letters would do much to bring it together, to be more layered. Then the background would have its own space, the gold pattern its own, and all the letters their own.

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    1. Oops!! I'm so sorry Frostbite! I was trying to respond to your comment and hit the wrong German button! ARG! 😫

      I wanted to,hm,hmmmmmm......


    2. And, if it makes anyone feel better....I started out deciphering it with "sparkle, sparkle...." 😄

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  3. Antworten
    1. I am also curious about what the missing comment said.

    2. Yeah, Clayvessel... you deleted it... you should have tried to reconstruct it or something...

      I read it once before it was gone... Something about loving the galaxy watercolor, and also having heard the poem before but not understanding it.

  4. It was how I love this type of watercolor, Your doing aunt Katie, and being familiar with the poem (because of my mom:) and not understanding it (: