Freitag, 23. Juni 2017

One More To Go

A Little Owl

One more door needs a design. This was today's drawing, to get put on the door.....soon, maybe.

Assignment: find the differences between this version and the next. It got some additions for finishing.

Ready for laser - Sperlingskauz.
in German, owls have various names, depending on their size and shape. Not just "barn owl and great horned owl and  snowy owl," but names that mean owl but are more specific: Uhu for big "horned"owls, Kauz for small round-headed owls, and Eule (from which we get our English word) for the others.

And all these scribbles make an owl.

After the weekend, Maria's kitchen should look different, and we will try to share pictures, if someone remembers a camera.

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