Donnerstag, 22. Juni 2017

Maria's kitchen cupboard doors

Maria had a friend redo the kitchen in her chalet, except for the cupboard doors. She chose five local animals to be lasered onto the doors by Florian.

Red deer

Red fox


Kinglet and chickadee
Trial pieces

The cone was the first practice with the laser machine.
The little birds were done with a woodburning tool to try out the concept of added paint washes.

We decided we liked the paint washes, so the doors were enhanced accordingly.


  1. I like the pine cone. And the red deer, after the paint wash.

  2. Wow, these are really great! Can you tell us more about how it was done? This laser tool burns the wood with a pattern or program or what?

  3. Yes, I'm wondering too. They look wonderful.

  4. Florian's laser is mounted on a rail that travels up and down a large frame. He has a program that calculates the shortest path to create any given picture and then the laser moves around to create the figure. These laserings each took 2-3 passes to get this dark. It's still much faster and simpler than woodburning by hand, though handiwork might make for darker and smoother lines.
    Aren't they lovely?