Montag, 5. Juni 2017

Hasty Illustration and a Bracelet


On a late Sunday afternoon, I sat with my sister on the tables at the laundromat, waiting for our clothes to be done. I was supposed to catch up on my email and do a few necessary chores online from my phone, but instead I found myself opening up the documents app and thumb-typing a mini story.

Later that night, I took out my sketchbook and my favorite pen, and scribbled down an illustration to go with the mini story I'd hatched at the laundromat, intending to put it on my Instagram. But then I decided not to do that. The story is much too rough, and the sketch is not too great, either. But I'll share the picture I took with you here! Haha. :)

The words on the paper are not the complete story, but an excerpt I took out to go with the picture... idk haha

(end of story)

The Pac-Man bracelet is finished! I'll draw up the tutorial for next week's post, as currently I have only a pile of pictures and am desperately in need of sleep before I work tomorrow.

(In case you don't remember from last year, summer is a pretty hectic time for me to try to squeeze stuff in beside my work schedule. Oh, well... I'm grateful for the pay check anyway.)

Have a lovely week!


  1. PLEASE MORE STORY! You have set up an intriguing scene. Now you mustn't leave us in suspense.

    Your bracelet is well done: good design and finely executed. Looking forward to the tutorial.
    Best wishes with sleep.

  2. Hey! No fair only giving a teaser. More, please.

  3. I'm sorry, guys! XD I didn't mean to tease, honestly! I just wanted to share the doodle with you... Maybe sometime I will get back to the story and clean it up nice. :)