Montag, 5. Juni 2017

Galaxy Watercolor

There is a fun watercolor trend right now of painting watercolor backgrounds that look like outer space, maybe something you might see with a deep space telescope.  It's called "galaxy" and it's really good practice for getting watercolor dark and intense.  There is a challenge this month called #Outofthisworldwatercolour and I've been joining in.  

Actually this first one is not for the challenge, but I made two graduation cards to send to a niece and nephew and I may post this for the challenge later.

For this one the prompt was "shades of blue".  I needed to send out a thank you card that day, so I killed two birds with one stone that time.  I found these blank kraft paper cards and envelopes at a yard sale, so I've had some fun with them.  Photo background is a gelli print.

This one is "shades of red" which seemed completely impossible.  I tried this window shape thing and well, it looked better in my head.  I added a Mark Twain quote for fun, but my pen didn't like the watercolor paper very much.

And today's prompt is "shades of yellow" also seemingly impossible!  How can you get it dark enough?  Right, well, so I guess this is a nebula, or something.  I used the word from another challenge prompt because it seemed to fit.

I really will try to stick out this challenge till the end (it's only every other day), so hopefully I'll post more "galaxies" later!


  1. What creative idea. And I think they turned out well. Especially the yellow.

  2. All those days and days of lettering practice have really paid off because your word art is beautiful! The "congratulations on your graduation" in the first photo looks professional! I really love the yellow galaxy. It has beautiful, realistic tones. Great work.

  3. These are gorgeous, Katie! :D Great job!

  4. I like the blue thank you card.