Dienstag, 9. Mai 2017

Crazy Mess

This awful-lighting picture is a totally accurate representation of my non-work life this month. I am drowning in art projects and trying to read things. I don't think I'll do an Instagram challenge next month. Probably not again until after summer, at least. On the bright side, I am staying caught up with the prompts for this one (for now, haha)!

Other than what I've been posting to my Instagrams, I got nothin' for ya, bruh. Pardon me, but I'm really tired and I need to open again at work tomorrow, so I'm not putting a terrible amount of thought into this post. I am so sorry. Please let me know if you would all rather I not post when I'm crazed with nothing to show, thanks. XD

Hope the rest of your week goes fabulously!


  1. Haha! You so silly. Love the pic. Keep on keeping on.....

  2. Definitely keep on. That picture is artistic, too. No problem if you have an unproductive week sometimes. Doing the challenge drawings is good, so O.K.