Mittwoch, 17. Mai 2017


Watercolors 44  - 48

Before I left on my Mother's Day trip, I did a few more practice watercolors, getting close to the halfway mark.

This is not a picture, just a study

The next couple pieces I might use for backgrounds of other projects at some point. 

This was the start.....

... and this further developed.

......hmmm, it needs something.....

Add contrasts.

And one more

Points East

Our trip went via Hungary to the Balkans, so I will use a few posts to show you some pictures of those areas we saw. Driving day and then first day, which was mostly used for business, with a nice evening in the city of Novi Sad:

Györ, Hungary

A stand in the large produce market hall in Novi Sad. The country uses the Cyrillic alphabet.

Our favourite dinner: Serbian grill. This is their version of fast food, but it is all freshly made, meats cooked over a wood fire, homemade sauces and the most marvellous semi-fermented thick cream.

An Orthodox church. Most of the people are Eastern Orthodox.

In the town square. On weekend evenings families come to converse, eat, stroll, and mingle. The young people are all well-begahved, maybe because their families are there and neighbours and all look out for all.

A beautiful turn-of-the-century shop on the main square. It had old wood work and painted ceilings....

.... and this iron staircase.

The Catholic church, rarely in use, but kept up.

An Irish pub - well, why not?

And the evening and the morning were the first day.

And it is still Easter Season, until next Thursday -

So keep on celebrating.

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