Sonntag, 7. Mai 2017

One More Stop


On the way home from our anniversary trip at the end of March, we stopped to see the castle city of Thun.

The old part of the city is on an island in the river, and the castle is on a hill on one bank of the river. This is the first bridge across the river.

This is the bridge from the island across the river to the castle.

Then a long staircase led up the hill, between old buildings, to the castle  site.....

...from which one can look over peoples yards and the city below and the mountains in the distance.

More to follow from Thun.

I read that Always Dreaming won the Derby yesterday by over two lengths on a very sloppy track.

At the end of this week, for an extended weekend, I will be gone for a MOTHER'S DAY trip with one son. I am not sure how internet will work or if posts will be possible.

Blessings on your Sunday.

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