Mittwoch, 24. Mai 2017

Traveling On

Through Croatia

We drove through many little towns, each with a church. (Croatia is mostly Catholic).

And sometimes ruins. Croatia was an important Roman colony and Byzantine colony and port for the medieval Venetian trade.

The country has surprisingly vast stretches of open farm land.

And the evening and the morning were that Mother's Day Sunday. (The morning and mid-day had been filled with  other adventures and a fine dinner.)

The garden of the place where we stayed overnight. (I have to tell you the price: 15 Euros each.)

Then we followed the sea coast for quite awhile to the bottom of a peninsula .

Until we arrived in PULA. It is, as you can see, noted for its Roman remnants.

It is on the tip of the peninsula.

St. Anthony church

Istra is the peninsula.

The Coliseum is used for event staging.

The church door.

The church garden

A part of the Baptismal font, at the entrance - the typical placement in the ancient church.

The chancel with a modern mosaic

All the floors are native marbles. Gorgeous.

Concert, anyone?

Still being excavated

Another church, very old Romanesque style

Town streets on the shady side

An ancient temple from Roman times

- and more will follow, up to the fortification.


  1. That is a very striking coloseum, much more photogenic than the one in Rome or Arles (two that I have seen)! I think it is the sea in the background that makes it so. I love the photos you took of it with the blue sky through the openings and the other with the sea in the distance through the openings.

  2. Now that you mention it.... the blues are striking.