Dienstag, 16. Mai 2017

Naomi's Doodles and Pop-up Card WIP

Naomi has been doing a lot of doodling this week.

I've been drawing a lot, too, but like almost all of it has been Instagram-challenge stuff.

Online, I found a really cool DIY pop-up flower card project that I'm trying to make for a cousin's wedding greeting thing. The first attempt went wrong somewhere; but the second try seems to be going well, so that's promising!

first attempt pieces...

The first attempt used the last of my blue paper, so I had to pick different colors for Round 2

I'll update you on how the second attempt turns out, if I remember. :)


  1. Sarah, you and Leah have both had very creative drawings for your challenge works.
    Please do show your flower results. I am interested in how the system works.

    Big compliments to Naomi on her drawings.

  2. Thanks! :) I still haven't finished this project, but I'll try to get it done soon!