Montag, 8. Mai 2017

More Thun

To the Castle

This little path was the intersection of the steps from the town with a walkway around the base of the castle .

More up

And arrived

Inside the walls

You see the houses built into the old city wall below.

Relatively old - 1696

More recent - 1826

Much newer

Much of the castle is now a fine hotel and restaurant.

For your outdoor dining enjoyment

Your view as you dine

Guns and daffodils

1638, when the place was re-built by a Franz Ludwig

Cafe table in the courtyard

We heard a little girl counting past a hundred going up these steps.

This church is also on the castle hill. Next stop.

The castle was started in 1200, and expanded a couple of times.

If one does not happen to like sleeping in castles, a yurt is available too.

Next: tunneling and church.
Enjoy your day.

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