Montag, 29. Mai 2017

Summery Flowers

Real, Instead of Art

With guests over the weekend and wedding preparations, art is on hold. But the flowers are very pretty now and that makes us happy, too.

The peonies are called Pentecost Roses here, and they are just on time this year.

Even the weeds are pretty.

Gorgeous and scented.

Wishing you pretty days, too.


  1. Oh, they are soooo pretty. I have three little narcissi blooming, and the wildflowers. The peonies, tulips, iris, hyacinth, roses and anemonies are just leaves. I kinda think I'll have no color again this year. It's always that last snow that shortens the growing season by 3-4 weeks, just enough to keep the planted flowers down so they don't bloom at all.

  2. End of May, Beginning of June is the prettiest time.
    You should still get some of yours to bloom, even with that late snow. With this warm weather they will push.

  3. Wow! Really gorgeous. I had never heard of "Pentecost roses"-- good name! Mine just started, including one that had never bloomed and I thought it was red, but it is light pink...