Samstag, 2. Januar 2016

A New Year

In Oregon

I wanted to show you my new angel.

Alyssa and I went shopping a couple days after Christmas. She is about to get married and set up housekeeping for herself (her betrothed bought her a little house for Christmas!) so thinking of next year's (now this year's) Christmas, we hit the after-holiday sales so that she would have something with which to decorate their first Christmas tree. 

I couldn't resist this angel, on sale, with its velvet gown and Bottacelli porcelain face and hair.


And I think Sarah would be pleased to know that we had cheese fondue on New Year's Eve. I had baked whole wheat sourdough bread in the morning, but also roasted some potatoes for dipping. On the side we had smoked salmon (ubiquitous in the Northwest) and sausage with pickles. My husband gave me the deluxe fondue pot as a Christmas gift many years ago.


My soon-to-be son-in-law had never had fondue before. At the beginning we established the rule that if the bread was lost in the cheese we got to kiss the person next to us. Both Alyssa and I had to chase Peter for our prize.


And finally, here is my creative endeavor during my holiday vacation from homeschool. In anticipation of   updating Peter's bedroom (from a little boy's room to one more fitting for a teenager) I sewed four curtain panels for his windows. Later this week as time allows we will repaint walls from the tractor colors to a western cowboy theme of browns and red. 
                       I'm happy with how the plaid pattern of the two panels matches up just right! 

May God bless you all richly in the new year!


  1. Ooh, I love that angel! Fur trim mantle over a brocade dress - who could resist?

  2. Soooo pretty an angel. I would have gotten it, too.
    I hope even the kiss-ees enjoyed the fondue. We have been having it for more than a "big event" lately, by using some tiny fondue pots and small amounts of cheese. My people love it.

    Sewing - This is good inspiration for me. I have projects, lots of them, that I have in waiting. Do let us see the finished room. It will probably need a cowboy painting - a good boy project.

  3. Alyssa got an angel too, also gorgeous but slightly different. White feathers for wings. I'll have her send me a photo.