Sonntag, 24. Januar 2016

Birthday and Cubs (Wow: 100!)

Guess what? This is post number one hundred.


Maria has a birthday this week but won't be here, so we had a first celebration today. She will get another - the real one - next Sunday when we all have more time. She asked for a rich chocolate cake. She got one - really rich, with chocolate cream filling and chocolate butter cream frosting.

It isn't elegant like yours, Pam, but it tasted good.


Before she went home,Maria asked for some help on some drawings she was doing for a co-worker's "leaving gift" envelope - lion cubs. She finished it at home tonight. I think the lady will be pleased.

Maria's drawings for a co-worker's gift


Then it was time for chores and a walk in the dusk.

Dog and stick ready to go

Mountain view in the remains of the day

Looking toward town

An older house with red trim....

......and a newer house with red trim
Next Time

I told some of you that I would write out instructions for posting comments, explaining the German words, but that will have to wait for tomorrow. Sleep has to be a priority for Moms to thrive.


  1. Happy birthday, Maria! Delicious looking cake!

  2. "Some help" is an understatement. Mom did all the work that ensured the lion cubs looked like Lion cubs and not some odd mix of dog and mouse.
    Thanks Mom.

  3. You are welcome, my dear, but the drawings are still yours, as are the concept and composition.