Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2016

After Epiphany, More Christmas


On my computer screen this morning was this important reminder:

When I went out this morning for chores and my walk, I did not take my camera. I had considered it, but the day looked uninteresting. Mistake. It was a clear cold day, frost covered the hills, the mountains were gorgeously visible, a watery sun was pushing through the clouds and edging everything in rims of light - and the Przewalski horses had just been turned out and were romping in their pasture, tails flagged and strutting as if they were Arabians. I went back for my camera (a double walk after last night's feast is not a bad idea), but, of course, it was too late: the light effects were gone and the horses back in their paddock.

More Christmas

Many of you have said you are taking down decorations today. I should, but won't be. I have something else to do. Yesterday a son said he was invited to join his friend's family for their Orthodox Christmas dinner, which is today, January 7. One should take something for the occasion. Son agreed but didn't know what and didn't have time to find something, so I offered to do a small painting.

I had done one for that family last year when we were invited to join them for their St. George Day feast, and they seemed to like the picture. They have icons hanging in their home and are faithful supporters of some monasteries in their homeland, so I did a quasi- icon style. Icon painting is extremely regulated, so I don't make icons. Actually the works are considered "written," in that one must follow strict forms to convey precise theological concepts, and certain devout meditations should be incorporated, and certain materials used, and so forth.

(Sorry about the terrible pictures - from the screen.) This is the icon style, and it has a its own kind of medieval beauty. I will do something quite similar today, probably - but "westernized."

This is what we are more used to seeing.


  1. We need to memorize the axiom- never, never take a walk without a camera. If I do my punishment is usually that I see elk grazing, or posing in the middle of the River, or a double rainbow, or some such.

  2. Sigh... so true. Take your camera; I would like to see the elk and rainbows.