Sonntag, 10. Januar 2016


Maria here:
Yesterday afternoon I finally got around to finishing my box of Christmas presents for a friend. Even though I had the sculpture - an uncolored gypsum cast - plenty early, I simply didn't get around to painting it earlier.

 This is a so-called "Kittygriff" from Windstone Editions. My friend has a large collection of figurines from them, painted by me, and I send her another every Christmas. They get names, usually after characters from Greek mythology, and this one ended up with "Chrysopelea," which is a long name for a small animal, but I say it fits her big character.

She's loosely based on reference photos of a Baltimore Oriole, a Black-headed Grosbeak, and a fritillary butterfly in fantasy colors that I found online. 

 Tomorrow she heads off to Florida.


  1. I definitely saw the grosbeak and oriole even before you mentioned them. Nice.

    1. Good! I actually had to go look up the name of the grosbeak after referencing its picture. I'm not well-versed in North American birds.