Samstag, 9. Januar 2016



When you have an idea that you would like to try, don't you drop everything and do it? Nor do I. Our duties call louder and are more pressing. Except today, I listened. Most of the boys had been fed and sent off with friends to go snowboarding ( the mountains have snow, while it is raining here), the animals were all attended, and the boxes for Christmas decorations could be ignored for a bit. Surely.

I have a bag of glass beads. When I poke through it to find the right one for a project, I always see a big one with a face-like design painted on it. It wanted to be the head of a figure. I'm sure. It spoke to me, you know. There was also a smaller complementary bead with a beautiful design that needed to go with it.

So I pulled out a few more beads and started to put things together.

The back of the face bead had a light blue starburst design, thus the lighter blue beads.   
It could have been a funky regular figure, but I decided to continue the series of angels I have been doing. So, to be a funky angel, it got a skirt....

....and wings.

The back of the bead is worth seeing, too.

Tree and Cross

Now back to the boxes and packing. I actually started yesterday.

Today the Christmas tree got its trim: the branches are removed and the trunk saved to be made into a cross for Good Friday, and adorned with flowers for Easter.

Christmas, still 

Maria said she may have a post for tomorrow of her current project. In the meantime, she sent this picture of her Christmas cactus bloom, "prettier than ever."

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  1. Aiii, that's quite the funky angel. The head bead looks like a sloppy scribble that floats around the internet and gets used in memes (terribly clever sayings put on pictures that are generally accepted to have a certain meaning... Yes, it's as stupid as it sounds).
    Sorry for the quality of my photo - it looked better on my phone.