Montag, 25. Januar 2016

Kommentare auf Deutsch - How To Add a Comment

For those who have asked what all the German means, here are the directions for adding a comment.
The blog was set up in a German-speaking country so usually shows that language, but some of the users - experienced in all this technicality - know how to change it to English. We will ask for their expert advice when the wedding is past.

1. You will see the word Kommentare ("Comments" have been posted) or Keine Kommentare ("no comments": waiting for yours) at the end of each post. They are probably in blue. Click on that word/those words.

2. A box outlined in blue will show. It has a bar with arrows above and below on the right side.
   Write your comment in that box. Click blue box that says Veröffentlich (to open).

3. Where it says Kommentare schreiben als ("comment written as") with a box and arrow, click on that box, select your type of account (probably Google) and click on that.

4. You will get first a box for your e-mail address, then your own password. Write them in and click Weiter ("proceed") after each. This will take you back to your comment in the box. Click Veröffentlich again and your comment will move out of the box up to where it is supposed to be under the post.

5. NOT DONE. Look for the word Hinzufugen under your comment (or wherever it is on your computer) and click on that. Then you are DONE and your comment will not disappear.

Other German words you will see:
Vorshau = preview
Anmeldung  = Log in
Abmeldung = Log out
Antworten Löschen = remove/ get rid of (Do Not do this to any comments, unless you want to re-do one of yours)

If you have any questions or need further clarification, ask.

So now, just for practice, do a comment right here where you can see the directions.


  1. Sarah the drawing is fabulous. So are the pictures but looks cold

  2. Yeah! She did it! A comment got through!
    More pictures to come, from me and from you.
    Actually it was not too cold yesterday and the light was lovely.