Mittwoch, 22. März 2017

Flowers and Challenge

Blooming Fields Now

The flowers are out, singing of spring, in fields and garden both. Here are some. Too early for dandelions still.

In the fields  - these are called Bellis here


Wild Primulas, see the progression of color in the next photos.

I will show you some garden flowers next time. So refreshing to see flowers.

Chibi Challenge

In response to Sarah Y's challenge, I thought I should know a little about what those things were. So I looked up the term and the style. If anybody else is not up to speed, here is a brief explanation:

Chibi is Japanese slang for "small person" from Chicchanabito. Usually it has the connotation of cute and child-like.

It is an idiom of the Anime movement and  a style of Manga drawing.
The figures, boys and girls, are very reduced and formulaic. The figure size is either two heads, or two and a half heads, or three heads high, very condensed. The appendages are simplified, the eyes either huge or mere dots, and the mouth usually a line. The hair is a major feature. Some times animal features are added to the figures.


Anybody else?