Montag, 13. März 2017

Watercolours Number 6 and 7

Number 6

These were done late in the day, which is not a good idea for light or concentration......

Our daffodils are budding - not blooming yet, but I can imagine.

Number 7

Charles Bridge in Prague. This started as loose washes, but then got details added, but not enough to look like they were intended, so it is now neither fish nor fowl. More practice required.

And onward. Ninety-three to go.


  1. Oh, i like them! I really love loose watercolor, and it always looks so simple, but it's tricky to get just right. I've been playing with loose watercolor flowers lately and not at all satisfied.

  2. Yes, very tricky. That is why I am showing these first ones, in the hopes that by the time I get my first hundred done, they will be considerably better.

  3. They are so simple yet so detailed.

  4. Ooh, that bridge is really cool!