Dienstag, 14. März 2017

Panda Hat

I made a hat for a friend's baby shower gift. I forgot to take progression photos, but the hat is quite similar to the one I made my little niece for Christmas. I did not add a lining to this one, and it took me just a little over three hours total to make.

(sorry for the fuzzy picture)

I tried to jot some of the pattern down as I went, but got distracted and was having fun seeing the blue panda take shape. Haha. Maybe another time I'll get the pattern written. It's kind of like some other patterns I've seen online, but I tweaked it so much and forgot where I even got the other bits of instructions from that I'm just going with whatever's in my hands now.

I meant to draw something this week, but we have pretty bad colds here, so I did a lot of reading and napping instead. (Between work, of course) Oh, well. Gotta take care of the thing that takes care of the art, right?


  1. That is darling. You are quite the accomplished crafter, on top of your art works.
    Best wishes to all on recovery of your health.