Mittwoch, 29. März 2017

Watercolours 21 and 22


Today, my Better Half and I have arrived at Thirty years of Wedded Bliss (most of the time, surely). This called the Pearl anniversary, I hear. Anyway, we will be away - I have no idea where; it's a surprise - and my i-pad is uncooperative, so I can't post blogs on it, so there will likely be no posts a couple of days, unless one of you wants to share something. (I am writing this the day before.)

On Monday I did these next watercolours (and was happy not to post them, because Katie showed us her marvellous felting). The first is from a bouquet from my darling daughter. The next .... well... it just turned out that way.

First washes, leaving whites

Hmmm.... practice piece


  1. Ha! I love them! I like the suggestive greens in the first one, and the second is adorable.

  2. Heartiest congratulations to you and your dear husband, Sarah! I remember well your wedding day; so hard to believe thirty years have passed but there are so many memories, of course they have! I hope you both have a lovely time and make some more special celebration memories. May you have many more years of bliss!

    I love both water colors very much.

  3. Ooh, nice watercolors! Happy anniversary!

  4. HAHAHA! I love the second one. You do great funny watercolors. More, plz?