Montag, 20. März 2017

More Garden Show

Table Centre Pieces from the Garden

One of my favourite parts of the garden show each year is the array of table arrangements. These are intended for your grill party, you know - at your fancy patio table - because  we all have time to make such pretty arrangements for the parties we put on.

And don't forget the place setting accents - like this with twigs and feather.

I love this, and even I could make it.

and other things -

extra large origami wildlife, in case you don't have any live ones

Garden furniture

So, this is what your garden needs: rolling cylinders and discs, that make gentle whirring noises. The grandchildren would be occupied for hours. Maria said she wished her motorcycles wheels were so nicely balanced.

Is this not the most interesting garden structure/seat/playground/sculpture ever? It is from a new little Swiss company that wanted to offer something different.

More to come, including Ikebana show.


  1. I love the seat/sculpture thing! So cool. Also, some of those centerpieces are really cleaver. I wish I could think of things like that (and find the materials) when I want to make a centerpiece for my kitchen table...