Dienstag, 7. März 2017

Much Doodles

((Sorry this is so late. I've had the worst time with internet connections this week! I had to get a chance to go use the library's WiFi after work. It is really windy today also, and Mom just texted that our power's out at home. Always an adventure...))

I don't know if Esther's ever going to get to her stippling and hatching... Maybe she lost interest? Anyway, she did MOST of the homework for that class, and so she might have learned a bit. :)

Leah told me I could share this zendoodle thingy she did. It's awesome, isn't it?

I have been busy with stuff and taxes and life, but I DID squeeze some doodling in (and reading).

This has to be a record for how long it didn't take me to finish a manga drawing on my phone. Only like two weeks. It must have been fun. Very flawed, of course, but it's practice. Gotta start somewhere, right? :D

And then I did some character sketch things with different hairdos, also manga style, in my sketchbook with ballpoint pen and markers. Yes, her eyes are quite crooked. Yes, it drives me nuts. But there's no way I can fix it. lol

I hope to be able to work on my afghan some more this coming week. I don't think I did anything with it the last. IT'S SO CLOSE TO DONE! I'm so excited. Haha!

1 Kommentar:

  1. I like them!
    Leah, nice achievement of value changes in the designs.
    Sarah, you are really getting complex drawings out of the phone. I saw your Pinterest progression photos; they are impressive.
    I like your on-paper sketches even more. Nicely expressive, and fine use of contour lines. And cute clothes!