Samstag, 4. März 2017

Pencil and Brush

Next JOY Card

Thoughts of Spring

Today was balmy and warm and sunny, until it started to rain tonight. But the flowers are pushing up greens, the pony is starting to shed her winter coat, and the trampoline is getting used again. Maybe it is time to start some seeds.

I have been wanting to view a watercolour video I got quite a while ago, and finally started watching this week. It was inspiring. But I found I am out of watercolour paper! The substitute was dismal. But I had to try something. Now to get paper.... and try again.

New Concept

In order to facilitate the mentoring of some young writers - by request - I will likely include material from the exercises here, because it is convenient to be able to post visuals. Join the writing if you want to.


  1. For this joy card, did you draw lightly with pencil. So that you knew where to stop or start the designs, or some thing else to help keep it so align?

  2. Yes, I normally like to have a sketch guide. It gets erased afterward.

  3. That bird watercolor is so pretty!