Mittwoch, 15. März 2017

Watercolours 8 - 10


Subsequent to the last post I did, in which I mentioned no flowers were blooming, the first flowers have now opened. Delightful.


Today was a fabric hunting day again, so I didn't paint, but yesterday I did a couple more watercolors, this time of horses. With further practice, I think I might like this technique for certain compositions. Onward....

So many gorgeous fabrics. I can't use them, but it is pleasing to look.

Grey pony - this one had masking fluid to preserve the whites of the fine hairs in the background.

This one has too many "off" sections - not a success.

Fluidity exercise only, for the effect of motion; never mind the proportions

And a visitor at my window today, singing of spring in the pear tree.


  1. The paintings of the pones make me feel like real and show that each have a unique character.

  2. Thank you. I am glad you think so.

  3. Computer problems, on all devices, so no post today.Sorry it's a Mac

  4. My technical helper dashed off that addendum. Frustration levels were high.
    For some reason the blog app is not working anymore, for no stated reason.

  5. Ugh, sorry about your tech problems. What did we do before technology simplified our lives?

    But I love the watercolor. Loose and flowy is what makes watercolor wonderful, in my opinion!

  6. Very nice, Sarah. Love the horse paintings! Even the one you say is not a success.
    What kind of bird sang to you? Almost like our many crows! We DO have a few other birds
    now - coming - and Dad has built two blue bird houses to put up. i just put up my hummingbird
    feeder hoping they come soon. After a bit of frost, flowers and plants and trees are coming back.

  7. Thanks, Mom.
    The black bird is called an Amsel here.
    No hummingbirds in Europe, but we do have a big moth that looks a lot like one.