Samstag, 18. März 2017

This and That

Winter stretches on and I know the saying around here is "clean another closet", but cleaning is boring.  Art is fun.

I jumped in on a lettering challenge a few days ago, after not doing any for a while.

This one was just today, a quote from "Downton Abbey" for the "favorite show" prompt.

Yesterday was "pick a favorite food" and that's a no-brainer, right?

And the day before that the prompt was to pick a quote from a favorite book (and I can't possibly choose a favorite), and this one from The Warrior's Apprentice came to my mind.  It was actually a terribly long quote to letter, and got very crowded.

Also a week or so ago I tried out something else that had been dinging around in my head.  I have been wanting to try using Gelli prints like fabric and make them into geometric quilt block patterns.

I actually used my rotary cutter and cut the pieces of printed paper according to what I would need for the design.  I have more patterns I want to try, but many of my plans are more complex and I almost think I will need bigger paper... 

(Apologies for the side-ways photo.)

I had a lot of fun with these.  And then the question comes... should I leave them as they are, or put treat them like mixed media backgrounds and add layers?  I can't decide.  It would be nice to get around to making some color copies and then I could try things out.


  1. These are all so great! You are doing wonderfully with the lettering and I see so much improvement from when you started. I love the water color wreath (and I could come up with at least twenty more fantastic quotes from that show. You could probably do a big series, have them printed and then make a fortune selling them to fans). (Etsy shop??)

    1. Sometimes ideas like that come into my head, and then I have to go lie down and fan myself.

  2. Elegant, both the lettering and your photos of them in settings.
    Never mind the fanning - you can do it. Not sure in which hour of the day, but otherwise.....

  3. SUPER cool! And your lettering is always so much fun to look at! :)