Samstag, 2. April 2016

Appenzell Pretties

Pictures From Appenzell

An old skill still in use - a fine furniture maker. In laid woods, solid walnut, hand-made joinery. We got a tour here.

Spring beds

A view of the countryside

New blooms

Milk house and fountain

The typical house styles of Appenzell

The window shutters drop down behind the painted panels

All these pretty colors and decorations and forms are city houses - in the countryside the houses are more simple.

A closer view

A baby was recently added to this family - this is the birth announcement

Rows of windows are standard

Note some of the shutters over the windows.

Farms and hills - the house and barn are connected. Dwellings are usually not nestled in trees; the fields come right up to the door.

Same farm scene - note the tiny chapel

A slightly larger chapel in a small farm community


  1. Interesting photos of a lovely area. Such unique architecture, especially the roof lines. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So much more visually interesting than most of the apartment buildings in the cities near here...

  3. When people have and retain an authentic culture, it's usually aesthetically interesting - anywhere one finds it, as among the Amish in your area. All the more reason to keep our minds filled with art - right?