Donnerstag, 14. April 2016

Gardens, Wednesdays, and More

Lucerne Gardens

When we went to the Medieval Market in Lucerne, we had to walk a ways through a residential section to get to the field where the market was set up. So many of the homes had lovely gardens and decorations for spring, and some still for Easter. Easter is forty days, after all. I thought you would like to see some of the pretties, too.

A planter from a piece of eaves trough, sitting on a mailbox

A tree growing from a huge stump

Some hillside retaining walls are made of these container-sort of blocks

An Easter tree in a profuse garden

The next  three pictures were at one home at the end of a cul-de-sac.

The goat shed

The hillside by the goat pen

Do you see the bunny and Easter tree in the patio corner?

A public stair path to get up the hill to where we were going

A farmyard cross. The wreath is made of stacked holly leaves and apples. Several places had these wreaths.

Wonderful Wednesday?

I have an idea. The idea is to get more people motivated to do and share art and creative endeavors. Isn't that a great idea?
Don't hide, you can do this.
I plan to write an e-mail to many of you asking you to send a picture of something in your creative life for a specific Wednesday to share with us. If you decline, then... well, you do; but I will keep asking you, so you may as well say yes. You'll find your life is much enhanced (not by my not bothering you any more, but by doing art). If anyone has been waiting for an invitation, don't wait. You are invited to share any of your creative life here, anytime. Send it to me, if you don't know how to post it yourself.

Today I finished the last page of a hundred page sketch book, that I started about three months ago. I use these sketch books for recording ideas I like from other artists, or things I'd like to try, or making drawings for this blog, or doodling.

This is the now-finished sketchbook. The next one, just like it, is started.

By the way, the work does not have to be a masterpiece painting, or a grand sculpture - though those would be great to see, too - but it can be your flower arrangement, your world's-best-cupcakes, the clever project you did with your children, an illustration for a story you read, how you re-decorated your room, or anything creative. So nobody can say, " I don't do anything creative." Impossible. You do. Please share. We can applaud each other and motivate each other for more artistic lives.

A sample sketchbook page

For Mary

She is presently enjoying a new darling grandson. Such a blessing.

Mary, today I did a drawing from one of Jane's pictures - so it is her style - for you. I hope you get to do some more in your class work, and keep going on your "first hundred."

Initial block-in for feature placement, note curves

Features more developed. Note: This is for "cute," not classical style, so eyes are extra large (hmm, they don't match), chin small, mouth emphasized.

Color added, with mostly pencils, and a bit of pen

Coming soon...

The announcement about the next contest - for April. And a heads-up for May.

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