Mittwoch, 27. April 2016

Wonderful Wednesday and Confused April

Wednesday, From Mary

Mary has sent some pictures of her latest cakes in her decorating class at her work.

Sunflower cake for sunny places.

Mary said this was for Cinco de Mayo. I guess Mexican-heritage people celebrate something on this day, which was originally about the temporary victory of the Mexican army over the French, in the 1860's, in a war that started when Mexico said, "We are not going to pay our debt right now." It probably has "evolved" since then. Anyone with inside information?


These colors are definitely more suited to her tropical climate than what I have now.

April Confusion

After all the pretty blooming flowers I showed you some days ago, the temperatures dropped, and we got this.

This morning was like this.
See the white hills in the back?

Snow in April.

The snow was icy and heavy. It flattened the hay fields.

Elevation differences.
Fortunately the sun came out and by midday the snow was gone. But the temperatures are still dropping. The front hall is full of my porch geraniums, now inside after being out for a couple of sunny weeks after a long winter hibernation in the dark.

I had started some seeds and hardened them for outside, but...This is what the middle landing looks like now.

Then - what comes in the mail today? A summer craft catalogue.....

..... and my young plants. This how the the top landing looks.

We really need some warm spring weather and sunshine.

But the flowers are still alive..

.. and the young Przewalski horses were frolicking this morning, enjoying a short turn-out in the field.

These are last year's colts, more interested in running than in food.

They noticed intruders in their territory and came over to check the threat.

"All together we are brave and mighty..."

... or maybe not.
 And the first foal of the year has joined the herd.

That sounds like spring.


  1. Looks like Mary is having fun with the classes.
    My understanding is that Cinco de Mayo is not celebrated in Mexico but it is more of an Ameican thing, really just a reason to eat Mexican food and drink tequila. But I could be wrong. I will be icing and delivering forty dozen cupcakes on that day for a crisis pregnancy center fundraising event. Also I believe that day is Ascension.

    So many potted plants you have there! They look like landscaping plants? What are they for? Not house plants?

    It's cool here too but not cold enough to snow. It's supposed to heat up again quite soon and I'm looking forward to it.

  2. I guess an excuse to celebrate can't be condemned.
    Yes, May 5th is Ascension Day - a holiday here, and for most people a welcome four-day weekend. May first is a holiday, too (Labor Day, of the communist sort), but it is on a Sunday this year, so no time off work.
    Forty dozen cupcakes? That's a LOT. One wonders where you put them while you are working on them. Bathroom sinks, couches,windowsills....

    The potted plants you saw in my pictures are not supposed to be house plants: they are herbs and flowers, mostly perennials, some for Vögeli, some for Singrüeni, some for Maria's house.Irises, Lobelia, carnations,lavender, Campanula,and others.