Montag, 11. April 2016

Medieval Market

Off to Market

This past Saturday, some of my family and I went to see a Mittelaltermarkt in Lucerne.
Before we left, Maria presented a gift to Mom of her most recent knitted sock creation.

Love those colors. (the form is actually right in real life)

Then we headed to another time and place. These festivals and markets are quite popular these days, with many available over the spring , summer, and fall, in many European countries; so both vendors and many visitors dress in "period costumes" - however they like to interpret that. I like to see the costumes and the handwork and accoutrements.

A puppeteer

His gear

A little man and a dragon. I was told they are from the Arctic. Surely.

Sometimes it's mix and match: a little Scottish, a little then, a little now.

The guardian of the fur shop

A Renaissance man
Almost all were happy to pose (except one drunk fellow who said "yes, later.")
Look at all this variety.

Add steampunk and pug
Love these colors!

Times and places meeting together

Perfect time for pizza, she thought.
We will never know what this poor little elf man wore before he was captured.

On the gibbet

Some times there is music (usually Renaissance) and dance,

and sometimes old sports or contests are exhibited. This one had an archery contest.
A mini Ferris wheel

Archery competition
A violent man is attacking a Lady, who defends herself valiantly. My computer is misbehaving, so I can't do a proper ending on this, or fix things as I would wish.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. They have them in the U.S. too and call them Renaissance Festivals. They're very popular and can be bawdy and probably not as completely authentic as European ones. One of the things the participants do is speak only as if it is the Middle Ages (like at Brandenburg).

    Maria, those socks are awesome. You are becoming quite the expert.

  2. Long ago, in college in the States, I went once to a Renaissance Festival, fortunately all quite circumspect,and found it quite fascinating, but rather more than my slim purse could afford. There was a fire-eater, and there were turkey legs and pastries, and marvelous costumes, and wonderful handcrafts, that could instill covetousness.