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Wonderful Wednesday from Mary and Contest

From Mary

This is an inspiring example of creating time to fulfill a goal. Mothers give of themselves for years and years for their families - and don't regret any of it, because it truly is the best work in the world - but often they put dreams and wishes on hold and hope some day to return to them. Mary is doing that. She said she has always wanted to learn how to draw pretty faces, and now - around the still busy days of keeping body and soul together and still taking care of the young ones (and loving those grandchildren) - she is taking an on-line class, starting from the beginning, and doing the "first hundred." And she says she is having fun and finding the process enhancing to her life. This is the goal: be creative and reap the benefits.

Hugs and cheers to you, Mary.

All good practice.

Yes, DO!


Yes, plural. This is starting later than I had originally planned, so I will set in motion two contests. The April one will actually go through May, to allow enough time. But first -

Mother's Day

Most of us find some way each year to honor our mothers and the mothers in our lives, so how about we make the honoring tangible and share our creative expressions ? Online e-cards? Nope. Send flowers and call her on the phone? - most certainly, with a little something made for her by you.

So, for this contest
*  make something (card, picture, object, poem, knitted socks....) to honor Mother- yours or one in your life,
*  include something flowery, however you wish,
*  Get it to the honoree by Mother's Day, and a picture and comment about it to here by the day after Mother's Day.
*  All can join the fun, even those who have already won contests here (God decides who wins, so you can again).
*  The prize will be, probably, a special miniature portrait of the mother of the winner's choice. It might be of her for you, or you for her, or your special aunt or sister, or....

From the sketchbook

Honor to all Mothers


The April-through-May contest asks you to find a creative and pretty way to make use of items that would otherwise get thrown away. This is for finding new uses for things originally intended for another purpose. This is not for nature materials, but for manufactured products that typically get a short use then get discarded. So, use these:

* your bottle cap collection - make a picture with them, or fill them with tiny pictures,
* the pop cans you find everywhere (I know you don't drink that toxic stuff) - cut and bend the metal to make exotic birds or flowers,
* stray nuts and bolts and screws and cogs and springs and lumber scraps to make Junk Jane or Jack, or a chess set,
* Kat's idea of corks to make letters or hearts or animals,
* old spoons and forks to make chimes or lamps or any number of things (see internet),
* scrap papers to make a trendy "Junque Journal"
*  leftover newspapers to make a papier mache container or hat or pet,
*  saved magazine pictures to make a collage...

or your own wondrous idea, or copy something you see on the hundreds of internet sites.

I will give the rest of the parameters, and maybe examples, later. This is to start you thinking.

Here is a quick example I made. I had two small catalogues to throw away, so I tore out some pictures from them, of things like shirts and flowers and upholstered furniture.

Tear, try here and there, glue, and add a very few marks, and - behold - a face. Think of the Song of Solomon. your teeth are like sheep on a hillside, or, in this case, your lips are literally roses, and your nose a rug, and your eyes a man's shirt, and your forehead a skirt and shorts, and your hair a plaid pillow and an upholstered couch. Ouch. But still, what one can do with odd things is quite remarkable.

A summer garden between ones eyes can't be all bad. Nor daisies in ones eyes.

*  You know that old window frame you have been meaning o get rid of, but thought it kind of pretty - use it now.

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