Freitag, 22. April 2016

Flowers Instead


I am currently working on some illustrations, that I cannot show you, but which will see the light of day someday, I hope. Thus, it would be good to see some of your work!

A snippet of some background in progress


So, instead, I send you flowers today. These are scenes seen on recent walks.

Along the church hill. The lines are paths worn by grazing sheep which keep the grass trimmed in summer.

Along the roadsides. These beds have seasonal flowers that provide color almost all year long, growing through the gravel.

All the hues of spring trees

A hare, by the tree

Wildlife among the trees

Wildlife on the tree

Forget-me-nots and wild strawberry.

See the mossy oak left of center? It is my seasons marker.

Happy WEDDING DAY to all wedding go-ers.

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