Samstag, 30. April 2016

Drawing Class

All four of the young people in my household are in drawing classes at art school.

Peter has never cared much about art and actually would become quite frustrated in the little art classes we had occasionally at home. It just wasn't one of his strengths or interests. But since all the others were going to attend art school every Friday he agreed, with some trepidation, to try it out. He has done very well and is enjoying himself. For the animal drawing class he chose this photo to copy because the dog looks very much like his dog, Jake.

He has a little more work he wants to do on his drawing but he is very pleased with it and has had fun. His mama thinks it's a great first work.

Samuel took a semester of art classes at the school three years ago when he was twelve so he is in the drawing 102 class and can work on slightly more complicated subjects. This is what he chose-


You can see that the students are working with a grid to guide them. Samuel has quite a bit more to do on his in the next three weeks before the final exhibit.


Leah is also in the required drawing 101 class but since she is older and has more drawing practice she is working on a more complicated subject also and doing an excellent job. (Leah says that no smudging is allowed for shadows in this class, only pencil lines.)

This is Sarah's finished work from the animal drawing class. A fun image executed beautifully.


  1. Compliments to all the young artists. This is heartwarming. Applause to all and do let us see them finished, please.
    Sarah, you selected a creative subject. Well finished.

  2. Wow. There's quite some talent and a lot of practice in those drawings. I applaud as well.