Freitag, 8. April 2016

Flowers Finished

Watercolor Colored

This is the result of some more work today on the flowers - not much time, so it is fairly loose.

The colors are not so good here either. They are actually more intense, but you get the idea.


Outside my window, actually resting on the limestone windowsill, is this cluster of pear blossoms. So nice. Trees are starting to bloom all over.

Another cluster nearby
Happy Spring.


  1. And a flagrantly blooming forsythia in the background?
    Pear orchards are making the valley white with flowers. My tulips are blooming also. Such a spectacular time, this season.
    I have time on my hands today and hope to use a paint brush too.

  2. Wonderful! May we see?
    We're off to a medieval market. More later.