Samstag, 9. April 2016

Oregon Update

Spring is in the middle of its glorious flower pageant in the Great Northwest. If you are feeling at all fragile or sensitive because you are still sitting in a winter wonderland, you may want to go do something else and not continue with this post. On the other hand, maybe these photos will give you hope for the things that are surely to come, even where you live.

April in Oregon is everyone's favorite time of year. The entire valley is in flower with the pear and cherry orchards starting the show last weekend. 


I took the girls out for their first blossom tour after church. I know where all the good photo op spots are.


At home, spring means that the animals are enjoying new grass-

                                                           Annabelle and Ginger
(This is the only spot on our property from which the mountain is visible- from the edge of the pasture)

                                 The daffodils are fading and the tulips are taking their place.

                                An early azalea next to my mother's house in our backyard.

Whenever my magnolia tree blooms I think of my farmer father-in-law, Ed, who gave this to me when it was only a small twig. About twenty years ago he had gotten it with a seed catalog order and given it to me. It was one of the first things I planted here in Oregon. There are many such memorial trees, shrubs and plants in our yard, that bring back memories of times and people. Gardening marks the passage of time, not just in seasons, and the connections are one of the fruits of the labors.

I just received delivery of this beautiful pile of compost-

Which means the spring work continues. I plan to dress all the flower beds with it, as well as the strawberries, herbs and asparagus-

The strawberry plants are in the raised bed, the asparagus grows under the (now blooming) sweet cherry tree with the rhubarb and some peonies.

We have already eaten two suppers outdoors; last night we grilled steaks and sat at a table on the patio.

In our valley there are many micro climates and three different garden zones (zones 5, 6 and 7). Today from a location in zone 7 I brought home these-

        The first fragrant lilacs of the year! It's only April 9! Summer must be right around the corner! 

                                         Chin up!  It's coming where you live too! I promise!!

I will finish out this post with some fine art. No, not my painting of undertones, but a finished work that Leah brought home from art school yesterday. It is her first finished painting. Next week she will begin her final one for the term.


                                The tones are much richer in real life. Good job, Leah.


  1. So wonderful, Pam. All of it. You have a gorgeous spring there. Are you busily painting a landscape of spring blossoms? Of course the season means work, too, but it is a pretty setting anyway.
    Lilacs in April? Wow. Outside dining in April? Not here. En guete.
    To Leah: very well done and so good to see your painting.

  2. Lovely painting. Very impressive for a "first."