Dienstag, 8. November 2016

Autumn Art, Bookmark, Origami Cat, and Rough Sketch

---From Leah:

These are sort of late because Fall is almost over, but this Fall I decided to save some leaves and press them just for the fun of it. So me and two of my little sisters collected some and made a silly little project out of it. We agreed that they didn't turn out as well as we wanted, and we weren't going for anything elaborate anyways, but we had some fun making these simple little booklet things. I made a collage of the few pages they consist of. Just a little Autumn art.

---From Sarah:

I liked making my own bookmarks when I was younger. Nothing fancy usually, just a bit of a drawing with some bright words or something, and maybe a little glitter.

Now I often use one of a few orphaned cards from a scattered game to mark my place in whatever I'm reading, but I decided it would be fun to throw a little something together for a friend to whom I was sending a copy of Alice's Adventures In Wonderland.

I wanted kind of a "distressed" look (Most of the time, I really don't know what I'm doing, to be honest...), so I tore the thin cardstock and construction paper pieces instead of using the sissors. I used a pen to sketch a teapot on the inside of an old envelope and cut it out.

I tried out the simple lettering on a scrap paper before writing on the piece it belonged to...

And glued it all together with a school glue stick. Haha.

Attempted a more difficult origami pattern this week... A cat, from a pattern I found on Pinterest. It didn't work completely, but I think I got the basics?

And started on a drawing this weekend... The rough sketch is all I have right now, but I hope I won't take as long to finish it up as I usually seem to. Haha.


  1. Ladies, well made. I have made those kinds of little books, too, and find them refreshing.
    Sarah, big compliments on each of yours. Your young miss is delightful. And your cat looks quite cat-like, so it is a success. And your creative bookmark is a fine touch when one gives a book. I do wonder if that dog drawing wanted drawing over. It seemed like a fine a dog. was it discarded ? I think it wants to be part of a story about escaping from a fence of words.

  2. Note: On my last post, I added an additional photo of the updated work.