Donnerstag, 17. November 2016

Sparkling London

More than the Rain

As soon as the calendar turned to November here, all the stores' circulars showed Advent advertising.
Here, even though there is a church day for "Harvest and Thanks," it isn't much observed. (After all, milk is made in the back room of Migros, and we pay them for their products so we don't need to say thank you, and we were told that God doesn't exist, right?) so we get two months of Advent and Christmas advertising.

London, too, was all bedecked in sparkles, amplified by some rainy days.

An odd color scheme, but shiny

Behold angels going forth

On a door step

London lights

A marvellous store window

We saw the Queen - oh yes, we did.

And her crown

A most marvellous store - Liberty House

Floors and floors of it

..... with luscious fabrics.

In Harrods - it was packed.

Monuments everywhere

A Christmas tree

Odd juxtapositions - it is now a bridal shop.

Pretty buildings

The entrance to an old home

Good-bye London. 'Twas nice.


  1. I love that store-window!

    Christmas is steadily showing up around here, too...

  2. Ooh, what fun! Thank you for sharing these pictures. :)