Sonntag, 20. November 2016

Little Boy Blue

Acrylic Painting

Last week while tucking in some mixed media work, I started this painting and used some of the mixed media application techniques in the background. One son asked what got into Mom that she doesn't do "real backgrounds," but I found this interesting.

I think I may have a few adjustments to do after it sits awhile and I look at it with fresh eyes, but here it is presently.
Initial block in

First skin tones

Scraping on colors in background

Putting some blues over the bright colors to tie together with shirt

continue on the skin development, then - after this photo - further work on all parts, including an overall washing of color to deepen the tone.

Made adjustments to eye alignment and shape. and bottom lip.  A couple other areas need some touches, I see.
Advice to all, self included: when doing portraits, always stand at an easel, otherwise you won't notice when things get off kilter.

Blessings on your Sunday. This is the end of the church year. Next up is Advent, about which we will have more here soon.

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  1. Cool! Never thought of mixed media techniques as backgrounds for portraits before...