Montag, 21. November 2016

Thanks Piece

More Surface Treatments

Following is the continuation of the mixed media piece of previous posts.

After applying the structure paste letters one by one with drying between, this is how it looked.

Then it was time to add smaller details. I pulled out some very old stamper things, and applied paint with them.

See? very small, but necessary for fillers.

Then comes stamping, in this case with paint, but any kind will do. I made a left side border.

After it dried, I intensified it with some marker lines.

The music sheets were too prominent, so I put some washes of color over them.

The extra paint gets put on another in-progress sheet., in the letters you see.  Don't waste paint.

Then I painted in the lower words, and added outlining in markers.

And used more markers, inside and along the letters. I used a gold pen to accent letters, flowers and stamped marks.


To finish, we add whatever embellishments strike our fancy. They don't have to be flat. I chose to use some natural materials and some papers, both cut from the painted papers, I made and from some scrapbooking papers.

I cut out the main letters from scrapbooking papers and used a marker to accent the edges. This is important to make them stand out.

Parer letters added.

Here you see the gold pen marks.

I used a glittery gel pen to write along the vertical color change line.

I cut out quantities of leaves from painted papers, and didn't use most of them, for this piece, but will for something else.

So this is after embellishing with leaves and such. The paper will be mounted on a sturdier board to flatten it.


So, that is one sample. Maybe you will see one or more others.
Now, party time.

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