Samstag, 26. November 2016

Last Day

And Starting Over

Today is the last day of the church year, and tomorrow we begin again with the first Sunday in Advent. During the upcoming festival season I plan to have a post every day, God willing. So we can expect any number of double posts, or triple if you like, on any days you care to post. More is good. 

We are still looking forward to your Thanksgiving pictures, too.

Today, here, we bustled about decorating for the season. Maria adorned her little house and will share pictures later. I got a good start on ours, with the help of handy boys to do the lights and high things.
For the beginning of the season we have numbers of garlands with ornaments and lights. The tree comes later and will have candles.

The living room is typically in white and silver.

The swag over the piano.

And here are pictures from Sarah W. in the Philippines with the fall version of her tree she did. Isn't this a literally inspiring tree? She has some wonderful ideas for a service-filled Advent, too, which I hope we will see later.

I wish you a happy and thankful end of the church year and blessings on a new beginning tomorrow.

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