Dienstag, 29. November 2016

Lighthouse, Tiger, and Chibis


So this is a painting I made for my Dad and Mom for Christmas, but I took the photo in weird lighting so that's why it looks shiny weird in the top right corner. I'm deciding if I should play around with the water some more yet too. It actually looks better in this pic than it actually does in person. Hmm. I haven't dabbled much with acrylic water, and I did ask my paint teacher from that art school in OR about the water and she said I need some more white in the waves. What do you think?

Here's a quick tiger sketch I did while on a mini vacation in MN!


This weekend, Anna, Leah, and I got some manga drawing practice in with the help of the Manga Master Class book. We drew chibis!

We used pencil to sketch them out, then inked them with regular ol' pens, and colored with color pencils.




It was really fun. :)


  1. Ladies, your work is marvellous! All of it.

    Leah, in regard to adding white to your waves, I would say do not over do it so that it starts to look like daylight. Your nighttime look right now is good. You can add a bit of glazing (in a greenish pale wash) in the middle turn of the waves - in the foreground section middle - where the light would come through from behind. And you can add some bright small touches on some top and side edges. You want the effect you got in the far left waves with their bright spots. Again, do not over do it. Take a look at some seascape paintings on the internet to see the light effects.

    Each of you did very expressive characters in your Manga drawings. In the one character that all of you included - the winking girl - it is interesting to see your personal style in each.
    You sister Anna has a superb hand for line work. Give her my compliments.
    Keep up the good work!