Montag, 28. November 2016

Thanksgiving at the Creons'

The weekend before Thanksgiving our water heater started a massive leak and flooded the room it sits in. We had an impromtu deep cleaning of our hallway and spent the weekend without any water inside as the old water heater had no isolated shut off. Hubby was working ridiculously long hours preventing an immediate fix and the plumber came on Monday. When I was scheduling with the office lady, she apologized profusely when she found out that we had to have the water completely off to the house. (thankfully we had a stand pipe outside we could hall water in from for washing) (also thankfully it didn't burn up the well pump which ran continuously to that stand pipe because trip valve was in the house OOPS!) As we were getting off the phone she said. "Well they'll be there first thing Monday and I guess you'll have something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving! Yes, yes indeed we did!! Showers for one :D

Katrina keep reminding me that you've been begging for Thanksgiving pictures.... This is just a quick post, but we had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Pictures not being the priority.

I had all these plans to get pictures at the tables that we so carefully arranged to make 21 of us fit into 2 rooms. (non of my rooms is large enough to set just one table for that many!

We thoroughly enjoyed having our new Pastor's family of 8 here as well as my Dad and step-mom. These pictures are mostly from when Pastor Neipp's birthday celebration reminded me that I'd forgotten the camera, so here's a taste of our lovely time without the food (buffet style) or lovely table settings that the children made.

I didn't alter any of these or they may not have gotten up:

Oh! there is the buffet table in the Kitchen in the next room... some proof of food!
  We had 2 turkeys, 5lb. mashed potatoes, 2 qt. gravy, 2 bowls of cranberry salad, 3 large sweet potatoes, fried brussels sprouts, lemon carrots, a heaping 9x13 dish of stuffing(dressing), green salad, 2 pumpkin pies, large bowl of rice salad, and birthday cake! (also some wine and sparkling cider)

All the kids love to hold the baby of course! (I just love that)

Our sweet Pastor's wife (she's like a sister to me) and I
Please note... selfies are rather hard on the wrists using an SLR with a giant zoom lens

blue candles for each decade and red ones for each additional year

My sweet husband

On the picture below, on the left you can see one of Katrina's most recent projects... re-purposing toilet paper tubes but in 1/4" rings. She made some snowflakes... I'll have to do another post with all the creations so far, but I requested accorns for my fall decorations and she made me two. They each took her about 2 hours. Hot glue to fit them together, paint and then pva glue and glitter. you can't see in this picture, but she has orange glitter on the bottom and brown for the cap. I love them. She is currently working on a wreath that has a sort of spiral look. 

our simple wall (window) decorations

This year we attempted to remember to each say one thing each evening that we are thankful for. It was a good practice and we enjoyed it even though some days were harder than others to count our many blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all from the Creon Home.


  1. Definitely want to see close-ups of those acorns! That looks like a neat project.

  2. Thanks you for taking the time to post, Loraine. I enjoyed the "visit" to your family.
    Katrina, you did very creative Acorns. What a good idea.
    Do let us see your wreath in that method, too.