Dienstag, 15. November 2016

Drawing Homework and Lutheran Papercutting

The first Craftsy class my sisters and I are tackling is called Drawing Dimension: Shading Techniques with Catherine V. Holmes.

The first lesson's homework was a five-toned gray scale exercise.

We used the photo editing apps that came with our phones to get the tones we needed on our references and printed them out on regular paper. Then we covered the back in charcoal or pencil and traced the blocks of different shades onto our drawing paper. We numbered the values using the value chart we made in the beginning of the project.

Filled in the darkest areas first, then the next darkest, and so on until we were just left with the white spots, the lightest value. (I accidentally deleted the picture I took of my paper when it had only the 5's filled in...)

Yay! And here is Leah's...

And Anna's!

At church, they have this picture hanging up that wasn't there last time we were able to visit... I thought it was really cool, like old style illustration, but I couldn't get a decent picture with the lights reflecting on the glass... (Also, can you see the name of the artist? Any connection??? Haha.)

We're staying with some friends for a few days out of town, and the mom and daughter had these cool Reformation Day snowflake things in the corner, and I asked how they got them to fold five-sided. So she showed me the webpage where they got the instructions and let me try a couple. :)

And I did a little fashionish doodling on my phone app. It was really fun, and I like how it turned out looking kind of water-colory.

PLUS, we did enter that art contest on Blick's site: Anna's, Leah's, mine. We used sketches that were a little old already. There is no voting this time, just five random picks.


  1. Wonderful! You all have been marvelously productive.
    That exercise in seeing various values is excellent for training the eye. It helps one see that shapes are made of tones not lines that outline features.
    That Luther rose paper cut is a great idea. It is gong in my sketch book.
    That phone drawing of yours, Sarah, is quite remarkable. Good job, however you do those.......
    And I am very happy to hear you three entered another contest. Even if results are random, keep entering.
    Lovely post. Thanks much.

  2. But no comment about the church art work? Haha! It made me laugh! Yes, Sarah Y that is Sarah Marie's impressive ink work! Not sure who would have bought it way back when or how it arrived there.

    So glad you girls are taking the class and working on projects together.

  3. I'm impressed with those color value drawings! What a clever way to practice lights and shadows.