Donnerstag, 10. November 2016

Fall Decor

For the last month, I have been wanting to do some decorating for fall.  It took me this long to get to it.

But I was waiting for inspiration.  I had those little stuffed pumpkins that I sewed a few years ago, but I needed something to go with them.  

Nature itself is beautifully inspiring, especially in the fall.  Fall decorating is easy because materials are so readily available.  

I was so excited to find bittersweet, grape vines, sumac berries, teasel, and then the jackpot-- long, arching canes of wild rose hips.

I also pressed a bunch of fallen leaves right at their height of color.  I put a few around this arrangement, but I also have a pile of them that I hope to use for some crafts and maybe a mixed media journal page.

Some of the most interesting and beautiful things come from wandering around and looking out in nature!


  1. Beautiful Katie! I always have trouble using bittersweet because the berries won't stay on the branch.

  2. Yes, beautiful, Katie. Not sure what bittersweet is, but I like your arrangement and natural elements.
    Those pumpkins - I need to make some.

    1. I managed to find the tutorial I used:

  3. Thanks for the pumpkin how-to, Katie.