Mittwoch, 18. November 2015

Autumnal Decorations at Pam's

I took some photos last week of my autumnal decorations but only now feel the motivation to make a post out of them. I wanted first to show you my back porch which currently is the favorite part of my house to decorate for the seasons.

We have lived in the house twenty-two years and I have been dreaming of a farmhouse porch the whole time. I designed it so I guess it qualifies as a creative effort. We built this addition on to our house a few years ago and it has taken much time to finish the interior. In the summers of 2013-14 the men built the porch and put the roof on but never did any finishing details. This last summer I shamelessly hounded my husband about getting the exterior finished (trimming windows, painting, etc.) because finishing aesthetic details are important to me.  I originally wanted a "wrap around porch" that would extend around the side of the house on the left but my husband vetoed the idea for various reasons. Still, I am very happy with this small one. It faces south so gets wintertime light and sunset views. The window on the right is my kitchen window so the porch is my view standing at the sink. The door goes into our roomy mud room. The small window on the left of the door is my large pantry. The chandelier hung for twenty years in our dining room until I replaced the fixture and moved it to the porch. We have had an eating table placed under it during the summer. The rustic wooden box holds our firewood for our woodstove. We remove it during summer. It is very unusual to have my planters and window boxes still blooming in November! We usually have a killing frost by mid October.

This is my autumnal welcome wreath. I did not make it but I have had to completely remake it at least twice because my naughty ten month old border collie shreds it apart when he gets bored. About two hours after I took the photo, he did it again. 

Last Saturday we had guests for dinner so I scoured the yard for the last few blooms in the gardens. I made this arrangement for my kitchen island.

This is my simple table decoration. I love candles but these battery powered ones are the most economical and care free way to have the glowing ambiance of candle light every. single. night. of dark winter! They are on a timer so automatically come on at dusk and turn off at bedtime. I love them!

Our dinner guests were new friends who used to own the organic farm that provided us with fresh raw cow's milk until last year when they had to move. We had never met before (the milk was delivered) and we had only been friends via Facebook! It was lovely having them and their six beautiful children.

Dessert was pumpkin cheesecake with a grain free nut crust and a drizzle of caramel with toasted pecans. (Via my favorite online recipe source.) The kids each ate two slices!

Finally, my current kitchen island decoration (replacing faded garden flowers) includes a linen I bought at the Broki House in Zurich, a hand made stoneware dish (intended for a baguette) and ornamental corn. 

I need to begin planning the Thanksgiving feast that will be held here for family in my tiny house.


  1. I wrote here yesterday and now it doesn't show. Any idea what's going on anybody?

    To repeat: I saw 8yesterday, when I actually did write) your pretty decorations and said WOW, Pam. I especially like your porch and am glad you got it done after all these years. It reminded me that I don't have a door wreath, which should be rectified. Are the outside elements of corn husks? I don't have any but really like the effect.
    Also your pie looks divine and I must try it. Holidays are good reasons.

  2. The back of the wreath has a foundation of twig. The corn husks, silk leaves and cones are wired or glued. The center had a pumpkin shape of twig that has lots its form because of my DOG. Grrrr...

    I think when you send your comment with the blue click icon you should wait and make sure you see it post. If it isn't there, it won't appear later. Try again.

  3. Thanks, Pam. I really like your wreath. And speaking of annoying animals, the farmer's goats have been nibbling on my beautiful mum each time the herd passes by, and yesterday they ate it all. After a whole year of coddling and care, it is gone in a few bites.

    I'll try your advice for posting from now on.

    My comments above need corections, too: imagine a comma and ( where they need to be.

  4. "Corrections" This computer willy-nilly leaves off letters and drops words and capitalizes things, and is annoying.
    But yes, I am glad to have it.